If you are a cricket fan, then you must be aware of the innumerable cricket betting tips that can get you an edge over the other betters. However, most of these tips are not 100% successful and hence it is important to have the required patience while waiting for the results. There are a few key points that you should always keep in mind while betting on a test match. If you follow the advice given below, then there is a good chance of winning the bet.

Before you start betting on a test match, it is always recommended to first calculate the batting average of the players. This would help you to analyze and predict the final score. A good number of cricket tipsters also recommend the inclusion of a pinch of luck as well in the form of extra runs by the batsmen or wickets taken by the bowlers. However, only a small part of Profitable Cricket Betting Tips would demand the inclusion of luck and fortune in the equation.

After calculating the averages, it is advisable to analyse the playing conditions that prevail during a match. For instance, if it is a high-wicket game, then it is expected that the batsmen would score more runs than the bowlers. Hence, it is essential to first check out the number of runs scored by the batsmen in the previous test or four-day test series. Moreover, it is a must to check out the number of runs scored by the batsmen and the wickets taken by the bowlers during the previous match. Once you are done with this, only then should you start betting for the team that has the better batting average.

One thing that is worth noting about cricket betting markets is that there are different types of odds. Some odds indicate the chances of the team winning, while some others imply the chances of them losing. Hence, it is necessary to first calculate the odds of each scenario so that you can come up with the best option among all the possibilities.

The same principle is applied in case of overs and runs. First of all, one needs to understand how many overs have been played in the test match so that it will be possible to compute the number of runs that will be scored by the batsmen and the wicket keeper. This will help determine the odds of the team winning as well as the overall scoring pace.

However, to arrive at the highest possible bet, it is important to note down the name and contact details of every player. If you have decided to place a bet through the bookmaker, then it is vital to note down the batting and bowling statistics of each player. Hence, these factors will help you arrive at the most profitable cricket betting odds.